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The Queen of Gems

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I wanted to do a special pearl posting for June. Pearls are considered the birth gem stone for June. Usually one hears of the tradition of wearing pearls on one's wedding day. Surprisingly, I've only heard of one instance of a pearl engagement ring. One of my friends gave a pearl engagement ring and his story intrigued me about why his bride wanted a pearl and not a diamond?

So, I decide to do a bit of reading up on the history and traditions of the pearl. Pearls have long been thought of as a symbol of unblemished perfection, purity and innocence. They're one of the oldest gems and until the 1900's one of the rarest gems.

Pearls have had a long association with marriage by the Romans, Egyptians, Greek and more.

It's believed that they were Originally discovered in India by fisherman. There is mentioning of Pearls in the Torah, the Bible and the Qur'an.


22:23 God will admit those who believe and work righteous deeds, to Gardens beneath which rivers flow: they shall be adorned therein with bracelets of gold and pearls; and their garments there will be of silk.

These gems were highly prized by the ancient world. One earring is said to have paid for a Roman campaign. In the Hindu religion there is a tradition of giving a bride a undrilled pearl and piercing it as part of the wedding ceremony symbolic of the story that "Krishna was credited with discovering pearls when he took one from the sea and presents it to his daughter Pandaïa on her wedding day". The Greeks believed it to be the "wedding gem" to insure wedding bliss.

One story I found is about Cleopatra and Marc Anthony,

"There have been two pearls that were the largest in the whole of history; both were owned by Cleopatra, the last of the Queens of Egypt--they had come down to her through the hands of the Kings of the East....In accordance with previous instructions the servants placed in front of her only a single vessel containing vinegar, the strong rough quality of which can melt pearls. She was at the moment wearing in her ears that remarkable and truly unique work of nature. Antony was full of curiosity to see what in the world she was going to do. She took one earring off and dropped the pearl in the vinegar, and when it was melted swallowed it....With this goes the story that, when that queen who had won on this important issue was captured, the second of this pair of pearls was cut in two pieces, so that half a helping of the jewel might be in each of the ears of Venus in the Pantheon at Rome."

Pliny, Natural History (IX.59.119-121; also Macrobius, Saturnalia, III.17.14-17)

Pearls are far more affordable now being cultivated started by Kokichi Mikimoto in 1893. There are many variety to choice from round to odd shaped. As well as a wide range of colors natural and dyed.

Pearls may be the right choice for your lady is not feel'n a flash rock.

Small note about pearls Avoid heat and all chemicals, including perfume and other cosmetics.

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  1. Maybe pearls are more apropos for an engagement ring. Like a marriage, pearls must be cared for properly, or are easily destroyed.