Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coming Soon Rapture from St. Kilda

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vena Amoris Loves Romantic Proposals

I found this on brooklyn bride to day. So, sweet and romantic. It's a great idea.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Gorgeous & Gold



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Fits Perfectly Together

1 ring in 18k white gold with one flush set diamond 0.08ct G-vs1 size 6 1/4 $560
1 ring in 18k yellow gold size 6 $420

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Good Morning Etsy

14kt Art Deco Engraved Diamond Ring $100.00 USD

irca 1930-1940
14kt on the band. This piece is both yellow gold (main band) and white gold (setting for diamond).
The diamond is small about .5 but super sparkley and fully cut. The white gold setting around it is an illusion setting and makes it seem bigger.
size 6.5 but can be resized by a jeweler.

10kt victorian rose gold baby ring band $60.00 USD
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Friday, January 15, 2010

London Blue Topaz

Maggie Ring Deoxy Silver London Blue Topaz $189.00 usd

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rings From Konstantino For A One of a Kind Couple

In the bride's own words. Thank You Ms. Jules

The rings are from a Greek designer named Konstantino.
Our rings were designed back in 2002 and to the best of my knowledge are not in production any longer with the the red tourmaline setting. The metals are sterling silver and 18k gold. We chose Konstantino for our rings because we wanted Renaissance style, matching wedding bands that were a good balance between masculine and feminine aspects with a strong historical element in their design. We also were set on having an actual designer create them and not buying mass production pieces that went into every jewelry shop known to man. While these were not one of a kind pieces, it was a great compromise and affordable ($900 for both rings) for a couple who wanted killer rings while being profoundly broke. We knew we'd found our match after we saw his pieces in a Khoury Bros. shop in Maryland. It took a few months to have the rings made and then a little bit longer to get them shipped in from Greece, but it was absolutely worth the wait.

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I Bought My Mom This Ring

A peachy red 5mm rose cut raw diamond is wrapped in 14k yellow gold and then mounted on a thin hammered white gold band

Last year I bought this ring for my mother's birthday. I was a bad child and forgot the date. So, I felt the only way I could make it up to her was to buy her a diamond. She loves this ring and wears it all the time.

I think this would be a cool engagement ring. Its a very delicate ring. I think the band could be a little bit thicker. With the stone so large it tends to twist to the side and I think it would balance the look. It does looks great on my mother who has delicate hands and fingers. The uses of the yellow gold picks up the tones in the stone enhancing the color. Bloom Studio has a few variation of this ring so if you like this but it's not quite right have a look at some of her other options.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DIGBY & IONA Fourteen-Point Buck Ring

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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hello Readers.
I stopped by ABC Home & Carpet today and found a few really nice simple pieces. The best part is that some where also on sale for 10-30% . My favorite was a bezel set deep colored orange chocolate diamond in gold for 800$. This was not on sale but still great. I think it was a size 5.5. It had a very thin delicate band with a extremely sparkly .25 diamond with no visible t o the naked eye inlusions. SO GO CHECK IT OUT


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Single B Beautiful Studio

Half Carat Diamond Pebble ring
GVS1, nearly colorless with very few slight inclusions completely invisible to the naked eye) set into 14kt palladium white gold. $3,800.00 USD
4 Stone Eternity ask for pricing based on metal used

Signature singleB 3 Stone Ring. 14kt Palladium white gold, one 3mm (GHSI) conflict free white diamond, two 2.1mm (GHSI) conflict free diamonds. This set also includes one 4mm comfort fit band and one 2mm hammered wedding band to match the three stone ring.
$1,520.00 USD

3 bands are recycled argentium sterling silver. 4mm peachy red genuine Oregon Sunstone the side stones are flawless diamond cut 3mm white sapphires. 370$ USD
14kt yellow gold, steely blue sappire $430.00 usd

Raw Circle
Pink Gold and .5 carat White Sapphire Solitaire $630.00 USD

Raw Circle Wedding set Raw Circle Ring, Pendant, Earring
1 5mm white sapphire Raw Circle Hatshepsut triple banded ring, one 5mm white sapphire Raw Circle pendant with 16 inch traditional sterling chain with lobster class, 4mm white sapphire Raw Circle Studs.Set $540 USD

Gold and Pink Tourmaline

Lady and Gent set. 5mm rose pink moissanite solitaire set in recycled argentium white silver $480.00 USD

Single B Beautiful uses a variety of stones such as white sapphires, mossinate, conflict free diamonds and other beautiful colored gems. She notes under every peiee how she works with conflict free materials for those conscientious buyers. She like many jewelry's I've noticed have started to use white sapphire as a diamond alternative for engagement rings. Sapphire do have some obvious difference in look but I find them very beautiful. An by not using diamonds one can easy have a 1 carat stone.

One of her signature series is the Raw Circle . The pieces from this collection have bezel set stones with simple bands. The bezel is hammered with patterns that remind me of tool marks in clays like cuneiform. She uses sliver something I haven't seen in use much on wedding ring but I like the idea that you will see the wear of time on the ring. Sliver scratch and wears. So the ring ages and wears like ones relationship. Single B Beautiful also uses a really lovely shade of rose gold. The rose gold compliments the white sapphires very nicely and some of her other pieces with colored gems like pink moissanite, tourmaline or violet sapphires. So, check her out if your looking for something modern and organic that very reasonably priced and special.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Custom Ring From Kay Who Knew

Custom designed platinum ring with side trillion cut diamonds and a lab created princess cut blue sapphire.

Recently, I was in the DC, North Virginia area for the holidays and I saw two very nice custom rings. The first ring that I'm showing I was surprised to find came from Kay Jeweler's. I figured that Kay only did custom rings in terms of using pre-made settings and adding stones. However, the Kay Jeweler's this couple went to happened to work with local jewelers in the area, and this couple was able to get a completely original custom design with a Celtic influence. The Bride had to have the ring in platinum due to her job in Chemistry. If it was in white gold the rhodium coating would come off from the chemicals she works with.

New Collection At Agas & Tamar

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One Mean Looking Set of Rings In A Good Way

Matte Titanium Tension-set ring and Men's band Set $449.00 USD

This is just a striking set of rings. A men's wedding band and a tension setting engagement ring. Ultra modern design, clean and conflict free. The dark titanium matte finished band with the red stone is a brilliant combo. Dark gray and red have always been a great color combo and very cool to see it in a ring. If you like this ring but not the stone Zoe And Doyle has a number of stones you can request. They also work with moissanite a great diamond alternative.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Always Something New & Amazing at St Kilda

Maleeka Ring in 18k yellow gold with .55ct princess-cut Diamond

Mackle Ring in 18k Yellow Gold. Featuring .77ct natural Mackle Diamond.

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