Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Old European Cut

1884 ~0.75ct Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, 18K

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Silver Lining Rose Cut Raw Diamond Ring

Three silver gray 3mm rose cut raw diamonds are wrapped in the warmth of recycled 14k yellow gold and perched atop a matching hammered 1.8mm band. $395.00 US

Jelena Behrend Studio *My favorite At The Moment*

I have a diamond I'd love to put in this setting.

I've been meaning to post this studio for a few week. When I have more time I promise to do a more in depth pieces.

This is the downtown nyc studio of Jelena Behrend. I really admire her craftsmanship. Her work to me goes from turn of the century inspired to elegant steam punk. She welcomes visitors by appointment only. I think any ring she would create for a client will be a individual master pieces.

images from jelena behrend studio

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Damit, Why Do I Like This Ring

Asscher Cut Palladium Engagement Ring
Hammered Palladium engagement ring solitaire is set with a 1 carat VS1 Asscher Cut diamond. The four prongs are 14k white gold for greatest strength. Size 6.5 pictured, available in any size $15,000.00 USD

This ring goes against the principles of this site so I'm breaking my own rules. I'm going to blame the fact I have a co-work that just got engaged with a 1-2 carat asscher cut diamond and platinum setting ring. The Asscher is really nice but the setting is little to conventional for my taste. It dose however look great on her and fits her tastes and thats what matters (مبروك to K & A). The ring shown above however is my style but the price tag is a bit ridiculous. Palladium is the cheapest of all the metals so your paying in theory mostly for the stone. Asscher are not cheap cuts. Here are some asscher cut diamond ring alternatives for those who don't have 15k. I know I don't.

1/2 Carat <span class=Asscher-Cut Solitaire in 14kt White Gold" onclick="trackProductZoom(this,s_omni.products,'Image')" border="0" height="215" width="215">
1/2 Carat Asscher-Cut Solitaire in 14kt White Gold $999.00 -(no joke walmart)

Elixir, 18k Gold and Green Tourmaline Original Heart of Water Design, Made to Order $395.00 USD

0.56ct VS2 VY Asscher Gemesis Ring cultured diamond (man made) $1990 by Gemesis
1.17ct SI1 VY Asscher Gemesis Ring (man made) $3230.00 by Gemesis

Nothing Wrong with Silver

SALE 4 mm Silvery Champagne Diamond Solitaire Ring in American Silver Size 7 $149.00 0.22 CT natural diamond grades from a champagne to pure silver to completely colorless at the very tip, The diamond is round, brilliant cut, 4 mm diameter with a clarity of I1 for a surface inclusion. . Size 7. American silver, mined in Arizona. 24K gold veneer (vermeil) is available for $30.00.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Todays Combo

White Rose Cut Diamond and Recycled 14k Gold Ring - .10 carat $268.00

Unisex 4mm Recycled 14k Gold Hammered Wedding Band $450.00

Thursday, June 10, 2010

You-Ya Ring

4kt Palladium 5mm indigo blue Chatham sapphire White gold You-Ya Ring $900.00 USD

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair

To all my Brooklyn readers: More info

Today is the last day of the Renegade Craft Fair At McCarren Park.
14k gold eternity band with sparkling pavé diamonds set the entire way around (left) OR pavé diamonds in between all of the joints (right). Price: $1300.00

The matching engagement ring
Brilliant Diamond Twig Ring price change depending on diamonds size . This ring is also made with aquamarine, pink tourmaline or a black rose cut diamon Price: $1300.00

Bittersweets studio has a table set up. Defiantly worth checking out. She has coupons for 15% off work on her site and there's a raffle. She has a lot of pieces with her not all. So if there something you want to see you can walk to Catbird up the street on Bedford. I got to see her Twig Eternity Band Pavé Diamonds somehow I guess I never saw at Catbird. The pave work was impressive very delicate. She also had the lucky seven ring there as well.

Also get check out
Louche Lab and buy one of Aya's hand drawn piece there awesome .

All info and images from Bittersweet or Catbird
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Something I Found Online Today

Your Diamond Engagement Ring
"We will set your diamond in a platinum prong and 18 karat gold "Tiffany" style solitaire mounting, at no additional cost. An all-platinum mounting is also complimentary with diamonds costing over $6000. Browse the different mounting styles we offer at the Engagement Rings page. Compare what others might charge for these mountings."

Cost of a platinum setting on Blue Nile
Six-Prong Ring in Platinum This six-prong platinum setting is designed to beautifully complement your choice of center diamond. $570

Doesn't sound like such a great deal for spending 6k!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yellow Diamond Sunshine Solitaire

Fancy Yellow Pear Shaped Rose Cut.38 carat, VS clarity, Delicate Twig made of solid 18K reclaimed gold

info and image from bmjnyc