Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two of My Favorite Things

Rose Cut Diamond Eternity Band Rose Cut Diamond Eternity 1.5mm wide 18k Band

Sarah Perlis recently posted some new work. She posted this ring and it has two of my favorite things; Rose cut diamonds and is an eternity band - perfection. This ring would complement any number of her engagement rings. Here are a few pieces that really stand out. I particular love the hexagon shaped diamond, it's very unusual.

one carat rose cut diamond ring one carat rose cut diamond ring 22k and 20 $6000
1.10 carat Rough Diamond on Rounded Band
beautiful one of a kind flat 1.10 carat rough diamond $3200
Grey Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring Grey Blue Sapphire with side Rose Cut Diamonds in 20/22k gold.
$1500 – $2700 depending on the size of the stone.

Images & Content from Sarah Perlis
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Petal Pink

3mm pink sapphire is wrapped in 14k gold and nestled in a thin, hammered 14k gold band.

Images & Content from Bloom Studio
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let The Truth Be Known

OK readers, truth time. I have to admit I used to want an engagement ring that was very conventional. Many years ago, yes I was engaged but never married. At the time I was only aware of the conventional traditions, really expensive obscure companies and brand name stores. I'm not very proud of myself looking back on what I believed was important at the time. The ideas are counter to what I show on this site in style, budget and pure intentions. Something that there is truly no cost associated with. A 10 dollars silver ring can mean as much as a 100k ring covered in diamonds.

Ring .5 carat platinum priced from $3,000
Band brilliant diamonds in platinum. 3mm wide.$8,700

I had wanted a traditional solitaire prong set ring with a white diamond with a eternity wedding band; very typical and often overpriced depending on where you shop. I had also loved Nessing, whom my older brother had taught me about. He'd been a jewelry student at Savannah College of Art and Design. Nessing at the time was cost wise was out of the question, although Nessing's rings are technically amazing rings.

Tension Ring Price range 2700 and up.. They make a version of this ring for 18k

I still love the combination of simple engagement rings and eternity bands. But, I have since learned of more variations and options of how this is accomplished. Options that can be more unique, special and affordable. So, I started this site to hopefully help others and share the things I find.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Studio Waterfall- Green Sapphire Engagement Ring

Studio Waterfall- Green Sapphire Engagement Ring
Prong set deep olive green sapphire with 10 diamonds set in the band, Shown here in 18K yellow

Images & Content from The Clay Pot
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Sunday, November 15, 2009


A slender band of polished 14kt gold diamond baguette between segments of pavé-set diamonds. $590.00

This is a really cute ring. It could easily be an engagement ring or a wedding band.

Images & Content from the Sundance catalog
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Loved Need I Say More

"Loved" Ring in 14k Yellow Gold. The other side is set with 2 diamonds. Loved Ring 14ky/dia sz 5-7, $305

Images & Content from ST. Kilda
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Gold and Apricot Sapphire Ring

Orange apricot sapphire highlights a 14k yellow gold band. The matte finished gold band that is 2.5mm thick and rounded and smooth on the inside for comfort.

This ring caught my attention because I have a love of orange and pink shaded sapphires. But upon farther examining, I was intrigued that the jeweler pulled into the design of the band facets. By applying these facets to the gold band and with the apricot sapphire the ring seems to have a over all twinkling about it.

Images & Content from DANIELLE JEWLRY'S

Hoopstock Ring

Lavender Sapphire / Diamond Ring
18K White Gold / Diamond / Round Lavender Sapphire Hoopstock Ring by Reinstein / Ross


Images & Content from Twist

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black Diamond & Gold

6.5mm bezel set black rose cut diamond ring 18 karat gold. The diamond is approximately 2.66 carats. $1,440.00

Images & Content from Melissa Joy Manning

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

What's Old Is New

With the current trends of being eco-friendly and responsible in choosing conflict-free gems, Dawes Design stands out. In following these principles, Dawes is able to produce wonderful new, elegant and modern work for reasonable prices.

Dawes Design produces a range of work from romantic and Mediterranean-inspired to clean and modern. Above is a selection of rings showing this range. Dawes shows one doesn't have to sacrifice beauty for eco friendly.

Dawes makes great use of rose cut oval and round stones in a variety of rings. I particularly love their use of the half bezel set used on emerald cut, baguette and marquise cut stones. I love that it looks like it's floating.

Images & Content from Dawes Design
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