Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cathy Waterman Rustic's

rustic diamond : 2.9ct : 8.5mm x 7mm 22K gold branch band : 3mm $9,010.00

rustic rose cut diamond : 2.16ct : 10mm x 7.5 22K gold branch band : 2.5mm $6,330.00

rustic diamond : 2.09ct 22K gold band : 3mm $7,410.00

For those who want a ring from the the designer that designed
Anna Paquin engagement ring.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Carla Caruso Jewelry Prices

A few weeks ago I posted this pict of the new line by Carla Caruso. She was getting ready for the New York Gift fair and no price where up yet. Now that the fair is over she has them listed on there site. I'm so excited to share them with you again with a full price list. Something I really like about her work is it's very affordable and she uses white sapphire. By using white sapphires it helps to keep the cost down dramatically and they still look great. She is willing to use other stones if one request.

double leaf ring with gem
classic blade of grass motif holding a sparkling 5mm gemstone in a clean bezel setting. Handmade in 14k gold with a satin finish, choose a white sapphire or olive green tourmaline. contact us for .50ct diamond pricing) $832

love tree ring with gem
A perfect combination of naturalistic details with elegant design, the new love tree ring holds a brilliant 5mm gemstone between its gently curving branches. Handmade in 14k gold with a satin finish, choose a white sapphire or olive green tourmaline. (contact us for .50ct diamond pricing)

I'd love to see this with a pale green sapphire

tapered tulip ring with gem
The elegant silhouette of the tapered ring is perfectly paired with a unique flower petal setting holding a shimmering gemstone. Handmade in 14k gold with a satin finish and set with a 4mm white sapphire. (contact us for .25ct diamond pricing)

Champagne diamond

Champagne and Silver Galaxy Diamond. These are just very flawed diamond. I work with this in the piece I make.
I personally find the flaws beautiful and unique perfect is boring.

This is my favor ring of the new collection. A design for a simple prong set.
I wonder how this would look with a pale champagne diamond or a galaxy against the satin finish. I bet it be lovely. When I say Galaxy diamond I mean a very flawed but sparkly diamond.

tapered ring with gem
The perfect proportions of the tapered ring are beautifully emphasized in this new design featuring a glittering gemstone in a low-profile bezel setting. Handmade in 14k gold with a satin finish and set with a 4mm white sapphire. RG448 (contact us for .25ct diamond pricing)

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Designs From Adel Chefrid The Mandala Ring

Organically shaped 18K gold ring with fine quality Diamonds in starburst pattern. $850.00

Diamonds set in 18k gold. $1430
Sapphires set in 18k gold. $1,320.00

rubys set in 18k gold. $1,320.00

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Herkimer diamond ring, 18k yellow gold

Gem quality rough Herkimer diamond crystals make up this beautiful and unique ring.
Herkimer crystals measure 3 to 4mm tall
Each crystal is hand set in 18k yellow gold - satin finish $655.00

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Malcolm Betts

Love these!!!

2mm Platinum ring with oval canary yellow diamond .68 and channel set diamonds

Platinum ring with oval emerald 3.55 and channel set diamonds

Platinum ring with yellow diamond princess cut .42 and channel set diamonds

Platinum and gold, brilliant cut diamond wedding rings
I'm in love with these bands

Platinum and 22ct gold, Antique old cushion cut diamond 2.53 cts

Platinum with round sapphire 3.65 carats and 2 small ascher cut diamonds

22ct gold with rose cut ruby and 2 rose cut diamonds

Earlier this week a viewer comment that I should take a look at Malcom Betts. I'm totally in love with his work now. I'm so glad that he was brought to my attention. According to Malcom Betts site he became "a goldsmith at the age of 16, Malcolm Betts has pursued his craft ever since. Over eight years of study and training, he refined a distinctive style that has run through his professional work to this day."

This might be a fun analogy to some and you can blame the influences of having the movie Excalibur on in the background but, these rings feel very royal medieval to me. I state this as a positive and I think King Aurther would totally wear these. I know I would. They have a very unique style and look and his gem selection is fantastic. He uses old cuts and antique stones, as well as ethically sourced.

All of his work has a slightly hammer look and roughness that adds to the beauty of the pieces. These techniques work in a way that accentuates his beautiful choice in gems. I'm in love with the combined metal bands.

Images and content from malcolm betts site

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lovely Combo

I saw this on catbirds site. They shot this for a customer who was interested in what this combo would look like. I think it's a great.

SALE At SingleBbeautiful

25ct moissanite (4mm) solitaire, matching plain band. Delicate and lovely. 14kt yellow gold. $480.00
Size 4.25. This item ships next business day.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Official Plum and Sage Bridal

champagne .50ct diamond ring $350.00

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

R¿ng By Sruli Recht

Ring is a 10carat white gold Möbius band with a hand tapped 16gauge. Has three uncut rough diamonds set individually
6.86 carat total weight over three different diamonds. [Black 3.53ct / White 1.88ct / Yellow 1.44ct]

I found this while doing research at work for a project. I have never seen anything like this before. It's very cool how the wearer can change the color of the stone depending on whatever whim she feels. It's a very unique piece and original in concept. If your worried about the stone unscrewing the designer states, " The thread are made with a precise watchmaker thread cutter which fix the setting to the ring so that it must be undone by hand and can´t unscrew itself."

Images and content www.srulirecht.com

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Only Antique Tiffany Engagement Ring I Will Recommend

Antique Tiffany & Co European Diamond Engagement Ring 3,000$

The reason I'm posting this ring is it from 1886 and an original Tiffany's. Not one of those generically mass made ones.

Moonstone & Sapphire

A 14k white gold setting holds a beautiful iridescent 5.11ct moonstone surrounded by six round cut sapphires (.71 total weight).

Monday, August 2, 2010

Carla Caruso peek at some new rings

Posted today on facebook. I'm loving the prong set.