Sunday, June 21, 2009

Unusual fangs, sweet tiny diamonds and braille?

Not everyone has the same ideals and sentiment when it comes to what they're looking for in an engagement ring or wedding band. Some girls don’t need that ultimate princess ring by Tacori.

The Bittersweetsny jewelry studio is defiantly on a different wave length. A small studio based in Brooklyn, New York. Their name "Bittersweets" really does say it all. Their pieces are simple and have a wit and humor to them that is all their own.

The Vampress Engagement Ring $1,800.00

The "bitter" in Bittersweets would be The Vampress Engagement Ring, I don't know how many people out there want a vampire engagement ring but there has to be someone - and Bittersweetsny has it. They list that they're willing to use other gemstones and personally I’d love to see a black diamond, deep red garnet or a red tourmaline.

Teency Ring Letter Ring With Diamond $225.00

The "sweet" in Bittersweet, is the Teency Ring and the Letter Ring with a diamond. Petite diamond rings that are just precious and say a lot in something so small. There are different metals to choose from for both rings and I personally like the rose gold as it has warmth to it. The Teency ring has many different possibilities for the diamond colors. Take a look at the green or blue diamond with either yellow or rose gold. For the Letter Ring with a diamond they will print "four letters or numbers and rose. "

It would be really cool if a trend would start based on who has the cutest/tiniest stone in an engagement ring as a backlash to the pervious ideas of saving 3 month of a salary, which is just a marketing scheme started by Debeers started in the 40 and 50’s . Also in these troubled economic times its just irresponsible to spend 10k on a ring if you really don’t have it.

Tri-colored band $175.00, New Monogram ring $125.00, letter rings $ 75.00, Big Boy Letter Ring $165.00

If you were to go with the Teency Ring or Letter Ring with a diamond, I’d recommend as a wedding band their tri-colored thin band that can be lettered. The monogram ring which I really like the lettering style, the letter ring or big boy ring. There are a range of possibilities for letters and symbols on all of these and it gives you the opportunity to really make it special and one of a kind. You also might consider getting the wedding band in a different metal. It can look really nice having the different metals next to each other. I personally wear a pale yellow gold and sliver ring together and it looks great.

Love is blind ring $800.00- $1,800.00

The Love is Blind ring it cute and witty. A wedding ring with a message that can be read as long as you have feeling in your fingers. Bittersweetsny produces this ring with or with out diamonds in gold or silver.

Bittersweetsny also does custom work so if you have an idea you should go and talk to them. Here are a few of their custom pieces.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Check Out Adel Chefridi In Person

June 20 & 21
Annual American Crafts Festival
Lincoln Center
New York, NY
Saturday 12 noon to 9 pm
Sunday 10 am to 9 pm
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Yellow Tulips Mean Perfect Hopeless Love

There's an old Persian love story about Hüsrev and Shirin. This story can be linked to the origins of the romantic symbolism of the tulip. Within this story Hüsrev sends, Ferhad a rival for Shirin away to trouble him no more. One version of this story says Ferhad - broken hearted - traveled out in to the dessert wilderness to die, for he had no reason to live without his beloved. As he began to feel his heart breaking from the sadness of loosing her, he started to cry. As he cried his tears fell to the ground and grew into tulips. From this story tulips have become a sign of ones devotion to there beloved.

Yellow tulips in particular are a sign of being truly, madly and hopelessly in love. So what could be more perfect then a yellow gold tulip wedding band as a sign of your devotion.

Tulip Ring Wedding band (14K yellow gold)

$180.00 USD

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Petite Wow & Rose Cut

There’s a growing trend to use conflict free and natural colored diamonds. What’s good is that you know you're not helping fund illegal operations of rebels and or terrorists. Also, using one of these alternative options can bring down the cost of the ring.

I find natural diamonds are just cool alternatives to the tradition white diamond. Chocolate, blue, green or go goth, go black.

A popular cut for these alternative colored stones is one of my personal favorites, the Rose cut.

This ring in particular is modern and clean with a twist. It’s a moderation of the traditional solitaire setting, a white rose cut conflict free diamond with a 14kt Yellow Gold band and 14kt White Gold Bezel around the stone. The light hammered touches on the band adds a human touch, the signature of the artisan. It would have a very different feeling if the band was a perfect cast, cold and impersonal.

It’s a very sincere and sweet ring. I'd recommend the combination of this thin hammered.

14kt White Gold Bezel, White Rose Cut Diamond: 3mm (0.10 carat), 14kt Yellow Gold Band: 1mm $195.00 USD

slim - hammered 14kt gold band $47.00

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Pale Lovely Lavender In 2.5 Carats

I found this ring while browsing through Etsy one of my favorite places to find new pieces and emerging studios. This is a simple and elegant ring with a cocktail sized Morganite stone. It has a great combination of understated and subtle colors. The stone has a really lovely shade of soft pink/lavender that work wonderfully with the pale 14k yellow gold band.

Ballerina Ring, 14k Gold and Morganite priced at $340
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