Thursday, July 23, 2009


Sarah Perlis jewelry is a mix of delicately made bands and rough cut precious gems. She manages to make her jewelry romantic, soft and sincere with her use of color and technique. Her style brings to mind the pastel shades of impressionist painting, such as the work of Renoir, Monet or Casatt.

Perlis works with a variety of stones to complement her designs - diamonds, turmaline, sapphire just to name a few. She also takes a successful risk working with irregularly shaped gems.

Rose Cut Round Diamond Ring 1mm to 4mm Diamond available for $275.00-$560.00

Triangular Rose Cut Diamond Ring for $650.00

Her simple solitaire rose cut diamond ring is lovely. A simple bezel style setting with a hammered band. There is a variation of the ring with a triangle rose cut diamond for something a little different. It's the first time I think I've seen a triangle rose cut diamond in a ring, and it's refreshing.

Light Blue Sapphire with side rose cut diamonds price varies with type of gold used.
Diamond and Pale Green Sapphire Ring, Emerald Marquis Ring and Pink Sapphire Ring prices are unavailable at this time.

Three Rose Cut Round Diamond Ring available for $1,500.00

Champagne diamond ring available for $920.00

Round Brilliant Diamond with side Rose Cut Diamonds price unavailable at this time.

If you're looking for something with more stones, she has a number of 3 stone rings. One that caught my attention in particular is the diamond & green sapphire ring. The pale pastel green sapphires are a really nice touch. The use of the green makes the white of the diamond pop. It would be interesting to see a variation of this ring in particular with a pale fuschia sapphire as the center stone instead of a diamond. The mix of this green and fuschia should look extraordinary together. And for those diamond lovers, she also has a few styles of 3 stone diamond rings.

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Images are from Sarah Perlis site.

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