Thursday, September 10, 2009


18k white gold with 15cttw center diamond. $970.00, Steel Ring with Cognac diamond is .10cctw.$275.00, 18k yellow gold with Cognac diamond is .10cctw.$535.00

Rings from the shadow collection

Sarah Graham's Pebble Collection has some nice solitaries that are simple with unique texturing and petite diamonds. I find her blackened steel work really interesting and different. Grahams mixing of blackened steel with finished gold bezel setting, set with the cognac diamond is seen throughout her Pebble collection. The diamonds really pop with the contrast between the two metals and on the larger band it really shows even more so. If you like the blackened band I recommend looking at some of her other pieces in the Pebble collection. There are some very ornate wide bands worth looking into for wedding bands.

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