Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy London Finds

Recently, I went for a whirlwind trip to London to see 2 wonderful friends, the Tate Modern and Depeche Mode. On a day's outing we stopped at a small market at the Wharf on London's Southbank, between Waterloo and Blackfriars Bridge near the Tate Modern. I happened upon the work of Mikala Djorup. Mikala is a Danish born designer whose work is quite modern. She creates very organic handmade settings that present a set stone in a unique way, some having an almost Dr Seuss feel. Her settings protrude up and out presenting the stone on a elegant pedestal. She has many pieces with cognac diamonds and gold. May favorite piece I sadly don't have a close up picture of, so you will have to get the idea from my drawing. It was a cognac diamond emerald cut just under a carat set in white gold or platinum in a 4 prong setting. It is a great example of the up and out setting I mentioned earlier. I liked her solitaire stone pieces more then her stacked tube pieces. But, this is just personal preference.

So, if you're on vacation and have the time or you're a Londoner who read this blog go check her out!

Image are from djorup site and taken by me

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