Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Me and Ro Is Ok By Me

ME & Ro - Pave Solitaire $1,340.00

I know Me and Ro is a fair sized operation with four boutique stores and over 100 employees, but I really love their work. Indian and Tibetan styled pieces using Indian diamonds and more. Over the weekend I stopped by their lower Manhattan store and tried on a few pieces. The sales lady was great., and really helpful with a personal style. (I was digging her double one side nose piercing.) I want to post this ring in particular. I've been a fan of this ring since I saw it but I had never gotten a chance to see it in person, until now. The pave on the side was so fine and tiny I was very impressed. I've seen rings online at a couple of places with slightly different pricing, only a difference of a few hundred dollars. It’s a great ring for the price I think. I also tried on a champagne diamond eternity band I wish I had a picture of it to post, but unfortunately Me and Ro don’t have all their pieces online so you just have to go there and look for it.

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