Monday, March 29, 2010

Reminds Me Of Christine's Ring from Phantom of the Opera

Yes, I am a big Phantom of the Opera fan. Guilty and dorky pleasure. When I was in high school it was one of my favorite musicals to sing. This weekend I was watching the 2004 movie version and really noticed Christine's ring. So, here's a feature for all the other Phantom fans with rings that are similar to it or Christine also might have liked. This style of ring is considered a ballerina or cluster ring.

megan thorne wood nymph $2,575 and up depending on the center diamond
Victorian sapphire ring, Victorian sapphire diamond ring, Ceylon sapphire diamond ring, sapphire ring, sapphire diamond ring

Victorian Sapphire and Diamond 14k Yellow Gold and Platinum Ring Price: $3,750.00

Estate Princess Cut Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring Solid 18K Gold

Genuine Diamond Engagement Cluster Ring Solid 18K Gold

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