Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Engagement rings at Agas & Tamar

A few months ago I saw this ring or at least a variation of it in the New York store of Agas & Tamar. The ring I saw was about $6,ooo. It had a very clean, white and beautiful one carat diamond. The largest design element of this ring is the 7 thick prongs. One needs to use a large stone otherwise the prongs will cover the stone, hiding it.

While I was in the store I happened to have a few diamonds with me from my jewelry class. Yes, I've been dabbling... So, I asked if I wanted to have one of my stones set what it would cost. I was told that if I supplied the stone it would be around $1100-1300 for ring and setting.

Not too bad I think. If you're in New York and you would like to find out more you should go by the store:

image and content from agas and tamar
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