Sunday, June 13, 2010

Damit, Why Do I Like This Ring

Asscher Cut Palladium Engagement Ring
Hammered Palladium engagement ring solitaire is set with a 1 carat VS1 Asscher Cut diamond. The four prongs are 14k white gold for greatest strength. Size 6.5 pictured, available in any size $15,000.00 USD

This ring goes against the principles of this site so I'm breaking my own rules. I'm going to blame the fact I have a co-work that just got engaged with a 1-2 carat asscher cut diamond and platinum setting ring. The Asscher is really nice but the setting is little to conventional for my taste. It dose however look great on her and fits her tastes and thats what matters (مبروك to K & A). The ring shown above however is my style but the price tag is a bit ridiculous. Palladium is the cheapest of all the metals so your paying in theory mostly for the stone. Asscher are not cheap cuts. Here are some asscher cut diamond ring alternatives for those who don't have 15k. I know I don't.

1/2 Carat <span class=Asscher-Cut Solitaire in 14kt White Gold" onclick="trackProductZoom(this,s_omni.products,'Image')" border="0" height="215" width="215">
1/2 Carat Asscher-Cut Solitaire in 14kt White Gold $999.00 -(no joke walmart)

Elixir, 18k Gold and Green Tourmaline Original Heart of Water Design, Made to Order $395.00 USD

0.56ct VS2 VY Asscher Gemesis Ring cultured diamond (man made) $1990 by Gemesis
1.17ct SI1 VY Asscher Gemesis Ring (man made) $3230.00 by Gemesis


  1. I think I get it from the choices you present, but would YOU say the principles of this site are? And why does the ring go against them?

  2. I don't believe you need to spend a lot of money for an engagement ring to be special and amazingly beautiful. People shouldn't follow made up tradition produced by a marketing firm to sell more diamonds. Jewelry has a crazy mark up and I think it's wrong for people to get caught up in the material factor. One shouldn't have to take a loan out to buy a ring - buy a house instead! This is why I try to show rings under 2,000 dollars. I do from time to time post more expensive pieces but my aim is to help people be a bit more creative and original in their choice. I want people to know that there is more then Zales and Tiffany's whose rings are mostly prefabricated, and thousands of people have them. That for $500 you can get a one of a kind ring.
    Why must we all live out our lives through marketing and chain stores?

  3. I'm quite surprised you answered from a marketing and not an aesthetic point of view.
    (First, you should understand where I'm coming from: I make engagement rings, viewable at Publish or don't publish the link, my aim is to understand, not advertise)
    I read your blog because, as a classically trained goldsmith, I struggle with the lack of traditional craftsmanship present in your choices. What appears to me as the very casual use of finishes ("Steam Punk Special," and sloppy gem setting ("Unpredictable" makes me ask "Where is the appeal?" Please don't misunderstand me. I'm a fan of unusual finishes on precious metals. Though I choose not to use them in my rings, I enjoy alternative gems for engagement rings. But to say a piece is inexpensive because the maker doesn't have, or won't use, his skills, is a risky assumption for a consumer to make. Do you believe that rings with this aesthetic somehow have a lower mark-up than rings that are well-executed?