Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fitzgerald Jewelry Brooklyn

Really love how this is set.

Really digging emerald cuts at the moment.

Sorry I have no prices to post. There are non listed on the site. You will just have to give them a call.
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  1. i love emerald cut :) just got engaged with a beautiful one!

  2. I am so into them right now! Friday I tried on a emerald cut just under .50 carats between two tiny baguettes for 900. I think it was set in platinum. It was an antique at a pawn shop on 23st near 2nd. It was so elegant,understated and perfect.

    I'd love to see pictures of your ring and congratulations. :)

  3. that sounds awesome! i'll send you some pics when i get them in from the engagement photog soon. love your blog! i'm depending on you to find a wedding ring haha

  4. If you kinda know what your looking for.. email me. I can help you look.

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