Wednesday, January 5, 2011


14k white gold ring with over 30 1.8-1.9mm red enhanced diamonds set in the band and bezel.
With a .65 carat center diamond that has a metallic shade and one very small flaw.
Over all price about $1000.

Hello my blog friends. Here is a special treat dear to me. I recently got legal joined to my man of the last 5 years. To commemorate this event I commissioned a ring by Katrina LaPenne. She created this ring based on a combination of ideas I wanted to have embodied.

It was inspired by 3 pieces from 3 different designers. First Malcolm Betts who's work remind me of King Arther. It so strong, bold and elegant. Second the side pave work of this particular Me & Ro ring. Last the bead set work of this St Kilda eternity band.

I wanted it looked as tho it belonged in the Italian renaissances, the movie Excalibur or on the finger of a middle easten Queen. GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!!!

I wanted a ring that's truly one of a kind while following my ideas that a unique ring doesn't have to be expensive. I had it custom made by a wonderful goldsmith and I bought all the stones off ebay. It just took patience and research.

Thank you so much Katrina I love it so much.

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