Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yellow Tulips Mean Perfect Hopeless Love

There's an old Persian love story about Hüsrev and Shirin. This story can be linked to the origins of the romantic symbolism of the tulip. Within this story Hüsrev sends, Ferhad a rival for Shirin away to trouble him no more. One version of this story says Ferhad - broken hearted - traveled out in to the dessert wilderness to die, for he had no reason to live without his beloved. As he began to feel his heart breaking from the sadness of loosing her, he started to cry. As he cried his tears fell to the ground and grew into tulips. From this story tulips have become a sign of ones devotion to there beloved.

Yellow tulips in particular are a sign of being truly, madly and hopelessly in love. So what could be more perfect then a yellow gold tulip wedding band as a sign of your devotion.

Tulip Ring Wedding band (14K yellow gold)

$180.00 USD

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