Sunday, June 7, 2009

Petite Wow & Rose Cut

There’s a growing trend to use conflict free and natural colored diamonds. What’s good is that you know you're not helping fund illegal operations of rebels and or terrorists. Also, using one of these alternative options can bring down the cost of the ring.

I find natural diamonds are just cool alternatives to the tradition white diamond. Chocolate, blue, green or go goth, go black.

A popular cut for these alternative colored stones is one of my personal favorites, the Rose cut.

This ring in particular is modern and clean with a twist. It’s a moderation of the traditional solitaire setting, a white rose cut conflict free diamond with a 14kt Yellow Gold band and 14kt White Gold Bezel around the stone. The light hammered touches on the band adds a human touch, the signature of the artisan. It would have a very different feeling if the band was a perfect cast, cold and impersonal.

It’s a very sincere and sweet ring. I'd recommend the combination of this thin hammered.

14kt White Gold Bezel, White Rose Cut Diamond: 3mm (0.10 carat), 14kt Yellow Gold Band: 1mm $195.00 USD

slim - hammered 14kt gold band $47.00

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Image is from Plum and Sage's Etsy

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