Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rings From Konstantino For A One of a Kind Couple

In the bride's own words. Thank You Ms. Jules

The rings are from a Greek designer named Konstantino.
Our rings were designed back in 2002 and to the best of my knowledge are not in production any longer with the the red tourmaline setting. The metals are sterling silver and 18k gold. We chose Konstantino for our rings because we wanted Renaissance style, matching wedding bands that were a good balance between masculine and feminine aspects with a strong historical element in their design. We also were set on having an actual designer create them and not buying mass production pieces that went into every jewelry shop known to man. While these were not one of a kind pieces, it was a great compromise and affordable ($900 for both rings) for a couple who wanted killer rings while being profoundly broke. We knew we'd found our match after we saw his pieces in a Khoury Bros. shop in Maryland. It took a few months to have the rings made and then a little bit longer to get them shipped in from Greece, but it was absolutely worth the wait.

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