Sunday, July 3, 2011

14K Gold & Rough Diamond Engagement Ring - Made To Order

This engagement ring, made of 14K yellow gold and an uncut rough diamond, is unlike all “standard” engagement rings.
It has a unique urban look which is hard to overlook.

The ring includes a raw uncut diamond that is approximately 5-8mm in diameter, I select the diamonds myself and each one is slightly different.
The source of the diamonds is a guaranteed as a conflict free zone (with certificate).

The diamond is embedded in a 2mm wide, 14K yellow gold ring in a matte finish.
Each ring is “one of a kind” and is created per order (it can also be made of white or red gold, in a shiny or matte finish).

It so simple, a little rought and so nice. I do admit I have a bias to Israeli jewelry.

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  1. I love the combination of diamond with gold. These designs are really unique and after wearing it the feeling will be like priceless.Dress Rings

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