Saturday, July 16, 2011

Icy, Raw, Natural Diamonds

Icy, raw, earthy and natural... WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS ALL MEAN OR REEFER TOO!!!! Well it 's a catchy name for opaque and some transparent diamonds that have lots of inclusions. There very pretty and some some gorgeous. It's a matter of taste like everything. I do love them but if you read this blog often enough you know that.

One does tend to see them in more earthy shade like yellow, terracotta and brown. One can find green, blue,white, grey, black and so on. The black and white ones are especially pretty some refer to them as galaxy diamonds. When there cleaner, more transparent the name icy is very fitting.

Todd Reed


I personal recommend in NYC Golconda. Really nice ladies. I love going in there and talking to them. I learn so much everytime and never feel pressured. I go there for rose cut sapphires, and tourmalines. I have my eye on a few diamonds I would love to get but can's afford at the moment.

They have a really beautifully selection of these diamonds.


  1. Love raw diamonds too! My wedding ring was custom made with two raw diamond stones (1k and 3/4k). I LOVE it, so much more interesting than the faceted version. :)

  2. Send me a picture of your ring and I will add it..


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